Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Inspired By Lego....Printing, Stamping, Creating, Reading, Commemorating & More On The New "Lego In Education" Pinterest Board

Earlier this week, I saw the neatest printing activity done with Lego's.  I love the idea of children being able to be creative with materials in lots of different ways.  
When I looked for more of these ideas, I found several like Lego Stamped Indian Corn and...
It made me think of a post I read recently on the National Parks Conversation Association website. It is about Gavin Gardner who is asking for support on a Lego project he added to the Lego Ideas page. 

On this page, anyone can submit ideas they might have for future Lego's....It is really awesome!    
Gavin wrote one celebrating the National Park Service Centennial this year. We can all support this wonderful idea by visiting the National Park Service Centennial Vignettes page on the Lego website. 
And it is not just online that we find ideas for using Lego's.  There are so many amazing books....
 and even characters, stories and ideas that incorporate Lego's too.

With all of this Lego inspiration, I just knew that we had to create....
the Lego In Education Pinterest Board to collect and share ideas.  I love what we have pinned so far and can't wait to continue to add to this one.

What ideas do you have for using Lego's?  We would love to hear them. 

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