Thursday, March 31, 2016

44 Nursery Rhymes Songs To Share With Our Children In The Library, At School & Home

As we get ready to announce the new Rhymes and Rhythms Global Harmony Project, we have brought together all of the nursery rhyme books from Cantata Learning in this Symbaloo.
All of the Cantata Learning songs can be listened to online. The tiles on the Symbaloo go directly to Youtube where they are ready for your students, teachers, and families to sing, read, listen and dance to anytime.

By adding them to this Symbaloo, it is an easy way for children to access the songs by themselves...playing anyone they wish to pick.

And one of the best things about Symbaloo.  We can make the ones we create with anyone...just like I am sharing this one with you.

You can go to the Cantata Learning Nursery Rhyme Symbaloo here.

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