Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hagan's New Nerf Gun Wall....Our Awesome Spring Break Project!

Hagan is crazy for all things Nerf!  He loves collecting, researching and most of all playing with all of the awesome things Nerf has created.  

With all of this collecting and playing going on Hagan and I brainstormed a way to keep these things organized and ready to play with at any time.  
Recently when we were looking at Instagram, Hagan and I came across a picture of a Nerf Gun Storage Wall that gave us lots of ideas and inspiration to create our very own.    

We did a little research online to see what others have done.  We started out thinking it would be the color of Hagan's wall or Bulldog Blue, but then saw this post on a blog.  Then Hagan decided he wanted to make it the natural color of peg board and I love that he did!  
First, we measured the space in his room where the wall would be.  We wanted to make sure to fit it above his toy box and that we left enough room on the top for a shelf.

Eric, Hagan and I went to Home Depot and found all of the supplies we needed including:

  • Big piece of peg board which we had them cut into the exact size we needed
  • Long and short metal pegs to hang the Nerf guns and supplies 
  • Plastic buckets that hooked into the peg board...and Hagan was happy to find Bulldog Blue ones!  They had big blue ones and smaller red ones.  
  • Smaller wire baskets 
  • Wall anchors 
  • Screws 
  • Little spacers to make a space between the peg board and wall.  This is a must so that you will have room to hang the pegs and buckets on the peg board.  
When we had everything, we headed home to start our project.  

It didn't take took long for Eric and Hagan to get the peg board up.  As soon as they did, Hagan was ready for the fun part!

He thought a lot about the layout to make sure everything fit.
 I had such a fun time helping Hags organize everything.
The blue buckets were perfect for little pieces.....and of course his safety glasses.
We knew that we wanted to have some kind of shelf on top of the peg board.  When we were at Home Depot we looked around for ideas...metal, wood, peg board, but didn't find anything that jumped out at us.

Then we thought of the wide trim that we took out of our home office when we had the library shelves built a few months ago.  Our old house has this beautiful wide trim so it would be perfect for a shelf!
Eric cut the trim down to size.  We decided to make it fit exactly across the top of the peg board.  At Home Depot we found silver brackets that would look great with Hagan's furniture and other finishes in his room.  

On the ends that were cut off, Eric used ashes to make them look stained and old instead of the new raw edge that he just cut.  He has done this on other reclaimed wood shelves we have created for our house and it always looks old too.   
The small wire baskets we found are perfect for little pieces.
Hagan put things that work together within the baskets and buckets.
I love how he hung some of the things on the pegs too.
It is really fun finding Hagan in his room organizing his collection.  He is very proud of his new Nerf Gun wall and can't wait to show his cousins and friends.  
Of course he can't wait for the next Nerf Gun war that we love having at our house.  I think today might be the day.

And now we are onto the next project.....A LEGO wall for our kitchen with Hagan's ideas, reclaimed wood, a chalk board for Mom and a whole lot of help from Eric.  We can't wait to start creating on that too!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my Nerf wall! I love how yours turned out and I love the added shelf on top! So creative!!!