Monday, March 28, 2016

I Loved Reading Tim Palin's Itsy Bitsy Spider.....You Can Now Watch It On His Website As You And Your Students Read & Sing Along Too!

One of my favorite illustrators and art directors is my friend Tim Palin

I met him through the work we both do with Cantata Learning....and of course, falling in love with several of his books from Cantata like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Little Billy Bison

A few months ago I even had the honor of reading Itsy Bitsy Spider and a few other books aloud for a video series we are putting together.  The videos are wonderful with the interactive features, words being highlighted on the screen as we read along, and music playing as sing along to these special songs.
Today, Tim posted the video of me reading Itsy Bitsy Spider on The Tim Palin Creative Blogspace.  

These read and sing along videos will be great to share with your students in the library and classroom or even with individual and small groups of students in reading and listening centers, reading time, and literacy circles. 

They will be helpful to share with parents as students will have access to them and be able to watch, listen, sing, and read along at home too.  

We will be posting the others soon....and there will be more to come.  
You can check out the other Cantata Learning books that Tim illustrated here on the website and don't forget to visit the Tim Palin Creative website which is filled with creativity, inspiration, and a place where he is making stuff every day!  

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