Friday, March 18, 2016

Help Your Students Discover eBooks With See. Scan. Read. From Capstone Interactive!

We all want to find creative ways to bring eBooks to our readers even more through engaging activities, resources and ideas for the library, classroom and even at home.  

Well our friends at Capstone have brought us something that is perfect and just what we need.  

They have created three easy eBook discoverability tools called See. Scan. Read.   
You can read more about it from Capstone Interactive on the Capstone website here
And I want to show you how I used See. Scan. Read. today too.  
First, let's talk about SEE.  

Within See, you can generate a poster with custom headlines and space for student reviews to promote your Capstone Interactive eBook collection.  
 You will need to log on to with your administrator login and password.  Hover over Books and Booklists and click on Book Poster.  
This will bring up all of the eBooks that are in your schools MyCapstoneLibrary.

You can search for the eBook that you want to make into a book poster.
I searched for 10 Little Kittens from Cantata Learning.

To the right of the title, there is a little green circle with a + in it.  You want to click on that and it will bring up a Create Poster button.
You can now type in an unique poster title or leave it blank.  Click on Create Poster when you are ready to create your book poster.
It will download as a PDF.  
As you can see on the 10 Little Kittens Book Poster, there is a bar code to scan that will take them to the eBook and space for your students to write reviews or for you to write a message to your readers. 
There is also a QR code at the bottom which will take you to the Capstone Interactive App.
The book posters would also be a wonderful way to engage your readers by adding questions for them to think about before they even read the eBook.  
I did this with one of my favorite fairy tale books from Capstone Honestly Red Riding Hood Was Rotten.  As I created my poster, I asked...

Why Is Red Riding Hood Rotten?  Read To Find Out!  What a perfect poster to hang up in the library or in a classroom that is learning about fractured fairy tales. 

You could even give a book poster to each student.  They can use an iPad to scan the bar code, read the book and respond to a question that you ask them in the title of the poster.  That is perfect with the extra space underneath the barcode.

And perfect for a 1:1 classroom with iPads or BYOD environment too!
Second, let's talk about SCAN.  

There are two ways to scan and read the eBooks.

By scanning the barcode on the poster or the barcode on the back of a print book (no special stickers required) with the free Capstone Interactive App.  
I opened up the Capstone Interactive App....
 and scanned the bar code on the back of the 10 Little Kittens book.
 The eBook will pop up on the iPad.
At the bottom of that window, you can click on Read This Book or Add To iPad. 
 Once you add it to the iPad, it will show up in the Capstone Interactive app...
and your students will be able to read it from the iPad.

And that leads us to the third thing... READ.  
Your students can read the book right away or download it to read later!  
This is very important as we want to give all of our students the access they need to wonderful eBooks and reading experiences.
What a terrific way to get your readers excited about new and favorite eBooks in the library.

And of course one more way to create an amazing reading community for all of your readers and community.  

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