Sunday, March 27, 2016

FlipQuiz Offers Random Student & Team Generators Free With Their Digital Quiz Tool!

 One of my favorite digital quiz tools is FlipQuiz.

It is such a wonderful way to review any type of information with your students.

I have used FlipQuiz in many different ways....One that I really loved was when I used it to review Follett's Destiny in the library.  You can read all about that FlipQuiz here.

There have been a few updates and additions with FlipQuiz.  Two that I am really excited about are...
 Random Student Chooser, which allows you to select a student a random and...
Random Group Maker, which allows you to generate teams randomly.

You can read about these two updates here on the FlipQuiz blog.

And I hear there will be even more exciting additions and updates soon.  So make sure to sign up for FlipQuiz free today and follow them on Twitter at @flipquizme.

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