Saturday, March 19, 2016

50 Educators You Should Follow On Pinterest From Shake Up Learning

 Who doesn't love Pinterest?

There is something for everyone on Pinterest..... teacher librarians, educators, administrators, technology specialists, parents and students....lots and lots of ideas for students for sure!

My daughter Brianna and I love Pinterest!  It is one of our favorite social networks and we are able to find such amazing ideas, resources, and almost anything on the boards that others have created.

This week my friend Kasey Bell, Shake Up Learning, created an awesome list of 50 Educators You Should Follow on Pinterest.
We were very excited to see this list and all of the AMAZING educational pinners we needed to follow.   A lot of them we already followed, but a few were new to us too which was exciting.
And I was honored that Kasey included me in this list!

Thank you friend...I really appreciate being part of this wonderful list. 
You can follow my Pinterest Boards here....Shannon McClintock Miller on Pinterest.  
On her blog, Kasey also shared the first two parts of this series, Teacher's Guide to Pinterest.  

You can check those out on this page too.

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