Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Presidential Election Symbaloo & Pinterest Walls Full Books, Resources & Ideas!

With the election right around the corner, our young people have lots of questions and thoughts about the election.  They wonder what their place is and how they can also have a voice in these big ideas and questions.  

I have brought several of these Presidential Election resources, websites, project ideas, books, databases and more together to share with all of you today.  
First, check out the Presidential Election Pinterest wall my daughter Brianna and I created.  This is filled with fantastic things that will support your students and families throughout this election year.  

I especially love all of the projects that teacher librarians, educators and parents are sharing online.
There is something for everyone here. 
Second, we also created a Presidential Election Symbaloo.  

There are several which are favorites of ours on the Symbaloo.
One of my favorite spots to go during this election is PebbleGo Vote. 
This was created by our friends at Capstone just for this election and is free and open for all children until November 8 at 5:00pm CST.
They have brought together so many wonderful and important resources for our students and teachers including lots of activities and lesson ideas, free access to PebbleGo and a terrific set of eBooks in Capstone Interactive.

You will see that I have included links to PebbleGo and Capstone Interactive on the Symbaloo and in this post....two perfect places to send our children.

I wrote all about PebbleGo Vote here.

PBS has brought together a whole suite of digital tools on the PBS Election Central website.
You will be able to find Virtual Field Trips, an Interactive Election Map,  the PBS Election Collection and more.
 PBS Kids also has a page called Zoom Out The Vote! which brings Elections 101 to our students.
Zoom Out The Vote! includes lots of information about voting and why it is so important.  
At the bottom of the page, they have put together a great list of additional resources....including the Presidential Candidate websites. 
During the Presidential Election, it is also a wonderful time to bring lots of information, facts, and resources about each President to our students.  

I included four of these websites on the Presidential Election Symbaloo. 
We had a lot of fun playing If Your Were President, which is a website from Scholastic that lets one put themselves in the shoes of the President.  
The children I have worked with love going to Capstone's PebbleGo to find each of our Presidents and....
even the First Ladies.

These can be found in the PebbleGo Biography database.
There is also helpful information about Voting....
and U.S. Symbols in the PebbleGo Social Studies database. 

And just remember when using PebbleGo, there are terrific videos, activities, and additional resources with every article and each one can be listened to or read on their own.  
Capstone also has a place for our older elementary students called PebbleGo Next.  This is their newest PebbleGo product and focuses on States and American Indian studies.  

I wrote about PebbleGo Next on my blog at this link

The Presidential Election is the History and Government section under each state is very helpful during election time. 
Hagan and I love going to the States in PebbleGo Next and reading about each one.  We read the history of Iowa's government over the weekend and learned a lot of things we didn't know.  It was also fun to find a Recipe for Carmel Corn and the Iowa Flag that we could print off and color.  

One last thing to touch on are Picture Books and Chapter Books about the Presidential Election.

I absolutely love using picture books with all ages so this is a topic that I can't get enough of and boy...are there a lot!  
Today, we started a Pinterest Wall that Brianna and I will fill with Presidential Election Picture Books this week.  You find links to this Pinterest wall and a few very special books from Cantata Learning on the Symbaloo

I found several posts about this topic including this one from the No Time For Flash Cards blog. The post is called Picture Books About Elections.  You can read it here. 
Two of my favorite books to use when introducing children to Presidents in the library and classroom are these from Cantata Learning.
Not only are the Cantata Learning books beautifully illustrated stories about two of the most famous presidents, they are paired with music which makes them more meaningful, engaging and fun for our children.
You can find Our First President George Washington and He Changed Our Great Nation Abraham Lincoln on the Symbaloo, Pinterest and also here on the Cantata Learning website.
And don't forget to take a stop in the White House with this Interactive Tour from the National Geographic Society.  It will be the perfect place to start as talking about the very important place our next President will work and live with their family.

You can find National Geographic's Inside the White House here.

As you can see there are so many amazing books, resources, websites, and places to go with your students during the Presidential Election.  With these tools and resources I have shared, you will be able to put these valuable things into the hands of your families and communities too.

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