Monday, March 28, 2016

Create, Share, & Copy Interactive Worksheets With Wizer!

I have been brainstorming fun new ways to tie nursery rhymes into the curriculum for our next Cantata Learning Harmony Project, Rhythms and Rhymes.
There are so many wonderful ways that we can tie in rhythms and rhymes....singing, dancing, reading, creating, writing, acting, and more.

When I found a new digital tool a few weeks ago....I just knew this was going to be another way bring nursery rhymes to our children.
It is called Wizer.

Wizer blends worksheets and all type of different types of tasks together into a beautiful interactive workshop that brings the content you are teaching to life.

When I first tried out Wizer, I couldn't believe all of the different ways I could put content into questions of all kinds.
After you sign up for Wizer here, it is very easy to start creating a worksheet.

You have a choice to add several different tasks including...
Open Question, Multiple Choice, Blanks, Fill On An Image, Matching, Table, Text, Image, Video, Link, and Embed.  

And coming soon, we will be able to select Social, Collaboration, Draw, Sorting & Ordering, and Marker.  I can't wait for the collaboration piece they are going to add to Wizer!
Next, you can choose from lots of different Designs.  

When you click on one of these themes, it will then take you into another page that allows you to select different templates within that design.
 You can even choose the color and font.
 I found so many templates within all of the themes that I loved.
And picked the one that looked like a nursery rhyme and that was appropriate for our youngest learners.  

After you have a theme and the template all set, it is time to add the elements of your interactive worksheet.  I added a video of I'm Bringing Home My Baby Bumblebee from Cantata Learning first. It was very easy to embed this into my Wizer. 

Then I added a multiple choice question, which was very simple to add too.

After your Wizer worksheet is complete, there are several things you can do.
Most importantly, you can Assign Worksheet to Students. 
 This is quick to do through through Google Classroom, a pin,
 or even a link that you can share.

Once your students have the Wizer worksheet, they can work through it themselves.
After students have completed the worksheet, they will be able to view the feedback by clicking on that link in the window.
They will be able to see and read the feedback the teacher has given....even read the personalized feedback that can be given to each student.
You can also share your Wizer worksheets with other teachers by publishing them to the Wizer Gallery, through a link, and on several different social networks.
The Community Worksheets in Wizer is an amazing place to go to find hundreds that have been created by other educators.
 And as you can see....over any subject imaginable.
Once you find a worksheet you want to use, find the way you want to share it at the bottom of the box.  You can share it....
through social media or a link.  You can also click on Use....
which will bring up the Wizer worksheet in the same way it would if you were creating your own.  

This will then allow you to make changes and share it with your students.  
Also, when you click on My Worksheets at the top of the Wizer site it will take you to all of the worksheets you have created.
When you click on the worksheet, you will see all of the different choices you have in using, sharing, and making changes to the Wizer.

This is one of the neatest digital tools I have seen this year.  I love that you can bring your students into the digital worksheet through all of these interactive tools which means they will be engaged and excited about the learning that is taking place within Wizer and beyond.
You can sign up for Wizer here too.

I can't wait to share the Let's Learn More About Our Favorite Nursery Rhymes Wizer worksheet with you....I know your students love learning about nursery rhymes through videos, songs, stories, and more.

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