Monday, March 21, 2016

GeoGuessr Has Given Us New Ways To Explore The World With Our Students With GeoGuessr Pro!

GeoGuessr is one of my favorite ways to have students explore the world.  

As stated online, The game uses a semi-randomized Google Street View location and requires players to guess their location in the world using only the clues visible. 

Well, GeoGuessr has some exciting news for all of us....They have gone pro with GeoGuessrPro and have given us new ways to explore the world with our students.  
In this optional GeoGuessr Pro account, we can now Build Your Own Maps, which allows you to build and publish your own maps and have others play them, and...
 Get Your Own Pin, personalizing the game by choosing your very own pin.
 It very easy and fun to set up a GeoGuessr map for anything subject or topic you can think of.

I am creating one for Poetry Month about the town of famous poets.  It will be a scavenger hunt of fun for students to find these famous poets in the places they are from.
 You can also see Popular Pro Maps and New Pro Maps that others are creating.
By clicking Load More Maps, look at all of the Geoguessr maps that have been created....and there are more!

I love that we have the option now to share what we have created so others can use these too. It has now become another social network that I will turn to often.

Thank you GeoGuessr for these awesome updates.... You have once again added some unique features that will make this even more engaging, educational and fun for our young people.  

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