Friday, September 15, 2017

Watch Our Dot Day Celebration With Mrs. P, Mr. Forbes & Students Around The World!

Today is the day!  

One of the best days of the year and the day that I can get to spend with some of my favorite friends, teacher librarians, teachers and kids!  
It is Dot Day, 
when almost 10 million people from around the world come together to celebrate making their mark on the world.  
We had one of the BEST Dot Day Celebrations today with our friends Mrs. P, Robert Forbes and...
schools and libraries around the country.  This has become such a special tradition for us. 
Since we made our connection in YouTube Live (Google Hangout), you can even watch it from the Buncee above or by clicking here
Not only did we connect with Mrs. P...
and Mr. Forbes, we brought in lots of other friends too.  These libraries and classrooms included: 
Heather Fox with 5th graders in Amana, Iowa; 
Kim James with 2nd grade teachers Tracy Ferguson, Staci Braun, Megan Warwick and Kate McCombs and their students in Van Meter, Iowa; 
Cherrie Macinees with 4th graders in Cape Elizabeth, Maine; Kristal Doolin with kindergarteners at Corbin Independent School in Corbin, Kentucky; Lisa West with Jenna Hayes' 4th graders at Hook Elementary in Stephenville, Texas; 
Jessica Isaacson and Tyra Benkendorf with their 1st graders in North Ridge Elementary in Dallas-Center Grimes Community School in Iowa and...
Michelle Griffith joining us from Texas.   
And because we made it LIVE others around the world could connect and listen.  

It was so much fun seeing our friends at Follett, Kathy Schmidt with her 8th graders in Georgia and lots of others celebrating with us too.    
I hope you are having the best Dot Day.  I can't wait to see how you are celebrating with your students and within your community too. 
Hagan is almost out of school today here in Van Meter, Iowa.  I am taking him and his friends golfing and sending them with lots of DOTS to keep our celebration going.  

Happy Dot Day Friends....I can't wait to see how you made your mark on the world with young people too.  

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