Sunday, September 3, 2017

Baby Loves Science Series Grows By Two More Amazing Board Books From Ruth Spiro!

Getting books in the mail from author and illustrator friends is one of my favorite things!  I love seeing all of the new books they are creating for our readers and libraries.
This last week, my friend and author Ruth Spiro sent me her two new board books and I just couldn't wait to share these with all of you!

These two new board books are part of the Baby Loves Science Series that Ruth kicked off last year with Charlesbridge Publishing.
I wrote about the first two books in this post...STEM Board Books For Our Little Ones From Ruth Spiro!
The newest books are Baby Loves Thermo-dynamics! and Baby Loves Quantum Physics! They bring big, important science topics to our littlest learners. 

As Charlesbridge shared, 

With STEM education now encouraged in children as young as six months old, this series is primed to turn story time into an active STEM learning experience, encouraging very young children to observe and explore their environment and building a foundation for future scientific inquiry.   
And with Irene Chan's sweet and brightly colored illustrations, the scientific concepts come to life for our little ones too.
As they look inside the books, a new world of curiosity and wonder opens up as they learn about the world around them.  Just like the first two board books, Ruth has done an amazing job bringing these important scientific concepts to life for children.

You will find the two new books on the Charlesbridge site here.
You don't forget to check out the first two in this series, Baby Loves Quarks! and Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering! on the site too.  

Ruth is also the author of one of our favorite, Lester Fizz....Bubble Gum Artist.  Every year we love celebrate Bubble Gum Day with her.

You can learn more about Ruth and all of her work at her website

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