Saturday, September 30, 2017

#GlobalMakerDay Is Coming Up On October 24....Here Are Resources (Collection, Books and More) For You!

There is something exciting to celebrate in October that is focused around making.

It is called #GlobalMakerDay and will be held on October 24 virtually with others around the world in YouTube Live (live Google Hangout).
This amazing group of educators, who are passionate about creativity, global connections and our students, have worked very hard at bringing together this very special day for all of us.
On this day we will be able to watch makers discuss different projects like coding, 3D printing and designs, art lessons, collaborative learning spaces and so much more.
Each session will be 30 minutes long and the super fun part....each session will include a maker challenge for your students to participate in as they solve problems through creativity and play.

The Maker Challenges will be posted one week before #GlobalMakerDay.

Also, in this awesome Buncee from their site, we will find the scheduled times and they will soon post the challenges and presenters too.  

Oh....and just like the robot says, Tweet your pictures and videos of what is happening in your library and classroom throughout the day to #GlobalMakerDay.  
You can register for #GlobalMakerDay here.
I brought together these resources and a few more things, like the Makerspace! Makerspace! Makerspace! Collection, in a brand new #GlobalMakerDay Collection that you can visit and use too.
I included the Virtual Vendor Hall participants, Bloxels, CoSpaces, Easy Blog and World of Making,  in the #GlobalMaker Day Collection. 
And a big list of Makerspace books in the #GlobalMakerDay Titlewave List that are perfect for the day....and all year long for our makers.  
You will find the #GlobalMakerDay Collection here.

Thank you to the amazing group of educators and friends who put so much time and love in this wonderful event.  

I can't wait for #GlobalMakerDay and I hope all of you sign up to participate too. 

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