Sunday, September 17, 2017

Look No Further! Follett Has Just What We Need For Our Makerspaces!

With Makerspaces being such an important part of our libraries, schools and communities today, we look for places for supporting the making, collaborating, learning, building, reading, investigating, writing, communicating and more thats place in these amazing spaces.  

Well, look no further!  Follett has just what we need for our Makerspaces!  

Let me show you around. 
I created the Makerspace! Makerspace! Makerspace! Collection by Destiny which is filled with resources, tools, blogs, articles, digital tools, books, posters and more.

I made this Collection public so please use and share it with your students, teachers and community.
And one cool thing about Collections, you can even add Makerspace resources from your library collection just like how I added the eBook, Game Design, to mine.
Follett has put together Makerspace Bundles for PreK-12 school libraries and classrooms.  These starter bundles include topics like electricity, art, robotics, physics, building and more.
They are in three different categories including...
Follett has created Coding Bundles too which...
will help you bring coding-focused activities and books to even your youngest learners. 
You can search
for all of the Makerspace book, eBooks, resources and more. 
It is easy to search multiple Makerspace Topics found on the left hand side.  
Follett offers the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 Printer which is safe, reliable and easy-to-use for all ages of young innovators.
You will find more information, including the different printers available from Follett here.
It is always so helpful to share stories and ideas, ask questions, read successes and failures of others, and more when starting, building and maintaining a Makerspace.

Within the Build My Makerspace Group in the Follett Comunity, you can be part of these amazing posts, conversations, and exchanges.
I just love all of the helpful and exciting Makerspace posts like this one on Cataloging a Makerspace in Destiny Library Manager. 
The conversations in the Build My Makerspace Group has lots of different threads like...
this one on Building a LEGO wall.  

You can start a new Discussion Thread too.  
 You will also find the Makerspace webinars awesome!
In fact, Makerspaces and the Curriculum...Best Practices for Transforming Learning is coming up this week on September 19.  

You can read all of the details and register here
As you can see, Follett has what we need to bring imagination, creativity and so much more to our young people and Makerspaces every day. 

Especially the help we need to make all of our makers dreams come true! 

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