Monday, September 4, 2017

Talk Like A Pirate Day Books, Collection, Ideas, Resources and Fun!

On September 19, it's Talk Like A Pirate Day!

This is such a wonderful day to decorate, dress up, feature pirate books from your collection, create pirate hats and other crafts, and explore fun digital tools and websites to celebrate and learn more about pirates.
This is always one of the BEST days as we kick off a new year in the library.

As you get ready for Talk Like A Pirate Day in your community, I want to share a few things that will help you prepare for one of the best days yet!
Let's start with books featuring pirates!

There are picture books, nonfiction books, chapter books and biographies for students all of ages.
As you are looking at books about pirates, check out this special collection our friends at Follett brought together for us in Titlewave here.

You will find a variety of formats too, including eBooks.

Here are several new books that your readers will love.
The ABC of Piracy, A Pirate Alphabet is perfect to use as you teach your little ones about finding books in the library and the ABC's and...
Are Pirates Polite as you talk about manners in the library and classroom too.
 And don't miss Pirates in the Library!  As the publisher states,

"... the fierce Captain Jake discovers a treasure map that leads him and his pirate crew (and parrot, too) right to the...library. Ms. Benitez, the librarian, welcomes the pirates to the library-as long as they behave! The search is on for the treasure promised to be hidden within the library. It's not too long before all the pirates are captivated by the treasure they find on the bookshelves." 

How fun would this be to use as you....
....create your very own pirate map with Yarr, Pirate Maps.  You can create a map to use that ties into this book and even your own library.

This would be fun to use as you prepare for Talk Like A Pirate Day in your school too.  You could make a map marking the school, library, or classroom....and even mark a special location within your town.

I put in our house in Iowa and it created this pirate map with the red X on our house as you can see above.
One other idea....You could use this to create maps of any location in the world. Students can find the treasure by using landmarks, name and clues on the maps to figure out where it is.  The map above is of Washington DC for example making it great for a history lesson.
A new chapter book with a pirate character is Stinky Spike, The Pirate Dog by Peter Meisel.
And one of the nonfiction books that you just can't miss sharing with your students is Gross Facts about Pirates from Capstone.
The information, illustrations and Gross Facts throughout the book will be awesome to share in a special Pirate display in your library or as a read aloud on Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Now for some fun, engaging and informational crafts and online resources, projects and ideas.
To keep these all in one place and easy to share, I created a Talk Like A Pirate Day Collection by Destiny.  You will find it here...and please feel free to share the Collection too.

I will keep adding things as I find them.
The first place I would check out is the Talk Like A Pirate Day website where you can read the history about this day.

There are also a few places on the site that you want to make sure you stop.
Next, go to the English-to-Pirate Translator.

All you have to do is type into the box what you want to say in pirate talk, click on Ahoy!....
and you have instant pirate talk to share with your students and friends.  
There is also the Speak Pirate site, which is another translator site for students to use. 

Once they have practiced talking like a pirate, let them share their messages with others.  
One way is on the Talk Like A Pirate Flipgrid that I created.  You will find it here.  

Students can record 30 second videos sharing their talk like a pirate messages with others around the world.  

And the super fun part...they can listen to others too!  
My friend Andy Plemmons and I, along with other friends, had our students share their pirate talk on this Padlet a few years ago.

It was simple.  We just created a Padlet, shared the link with our students, and had them click on the wall to leave a message.
It is fun to look back at the Padlet to see all that our "Pirates" had to say and where each of them was located.  You can check it out here too
Another translator that will be fun to use on this day is Post Like A Pirate. It will translate your English into Pirate to be used for a tweet or text. 

Now for a few crafts and creative ways to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day! 
Students can create Buncee's to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day!  
 They can search for pirate images in Buncee (which pulls images from Pixaby) and will find...
lots of pirate stickers in Buncee too.  I love the little pirate outfit I added to one of the girl stickers in the Buncee above. 

Students can make their own pirate story, pirate poster and even create a collaborative Buncee with others in your school or around the world by Stitching Buncee's together.  

You can learn all about how to do that here
With the Video feature in Buncee, students could even add their pirate talk. 
You will also find TONS of pirate craft ideas and projects on Pinterest.  

Here are the ideas I found....I added this to the Collection above too. 

These are just a few of the things that will make your pirate day extra special....and a day that your students will never forget!  

And just like our pirate friends say....

"Have fun celebratin' this very special pirate day!" 


  1. How do you get around the parent permission part of buncee? With 508 students enrolled I can't possibly get permission from all parents.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Thank you for reaching out. If teachers sign them up they do not need parental permission. It's when a student is 9 or so and signs up an a free account...then Buncee will ask for parents to sign for them.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and have a fun time celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day with your students too.