Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Let Students Share What They Have Learned Using Buncee!

My daughter Brianna and her dog, Sancho, are amazing!  
When she participated in Maker Maven's STEM Challenge over the weekend, she used Buncee to share the results.  

You will find this STEM Challenge here on Maker Maven's site. 

When Brianna showed her results using Buncee, it made me think about how we can use Buncee to have our students show their learning in lots of ways too.  
There are Background categories for Educational Templates,  
Education, Makerspaces and so much more which are perfect to start stories of what was learned. 

As Stickers, Animations, Videos, Text and other assets are added to the Buncee, this becomes one digital tool that can tell the story of what students learn like no other digital tool can.  
For example, look at all of the Stickers for Makerspaces and... 
Education alone!  
Thank you Brianna for sharing and taking part in Maker Maven's STEM Challenge and showing us what you and Sancho created with Dixie Cups and within Buncee!  

How can we change up the way students are sharing their learning too?

You can read Brianna's blog post on this experience on her blog, Engaged Media Solutions, here too. 

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