Monday, September 18, 2017

Adding Something New As We Develop Our Future Ready Librarian Goals

Do you remember when I came across that really cool idea from Suzanne Snead @librareprincess on Twitter? 
She tweeted She's got #goals. Getting a jump start on 17-18 with my nifty little planner. #FutureReadyLibs.
Suzanne created the Future Ready Librarian Goals in Google Sheets, making it very easy to add things under each of the ten gears throughout the year. You can add text, images, links, etc.. to the space underneath each column or gear.

Also, having this in Google Sheets will give her the opportunity to use this year after year, adding another sheet or tab to hold a new year.

After I saw her tweet, I asked her if we could all use this by making a copy and using it as our own personal Future Ready Librarian space too.  She was excited to share it with all of us. 
I have been using her Google Doc and sharing it in so many places.  Today, when I was having a conversation with my dear friend Terry Roper about setting goals as Future Ready Librarians, I thought....

Maybe it would be helpful to add a few more guidelines in the goal setting Google Sheets?  
So, I added a new column with four new rows labeled with these statements above.  This will help us focus what we are doing and what we want to do as we set our Future Ready Librarian goals for today and the future.

I made a copy of the Google Sheets that I made the additions to.....You can find it here.  Please feel free to make a copy of this or add your own rows and columns to one you have already started.

This will be a wonderful place to start planning for the year as you embrace all parts of the framework as a Future Ready Librarian.


  1. Love this idea, please make the doc public

    1. Oh whoops....It is now public and you can make a copy for yourself. :)