Sunday, September 17, 2017

Connecting For Dot Day and Other Special Events Throughout The Year!

Hooray for Dot Day!  
It was another wonderful Dot Day here in Iowa and around the world.  

In fact, over 10 million people in 169 countries celebrated this year including....
...over 42 PAGES and dozens of connections that were made in our collaborative Dot Day Connections Google Document making it a new record for making our mark on the world. 
I started my day celebrating with my daughter Brianna who lives in Belgium.  
And we were so lucky to connect with dear friend Stony Evans and our new friend Kaitlyn Price in Arkansas.  Stony and Brianna have become friends online so it was a great day to have them meet over Skype.  
We loved our tour of their newly renovated library and all of the terrific work they are doing in the community.  
After our connection, I got ready for the annual Dot Day Celebration I host in YouTube LIVE with...
Mrs. P, Robert Forbes and libraries and schools around the world. 
You can read all about this event here and watch it above.  This would be a fun thing to share with your students and teachers too.  
After school and a sunny game of golf with Hagan and his friends, they celebrated Dot Day with pizza and DOTS at home.  It was sweet listening to their memories of Dot Day throughout the years.  

I have to say, this years Dot Day was one of the best!  

As we continue to share our Dot Day celebrations, let's start thinking about what is still to come this school year.  We have Read for the Record Day coming up October 19, Global Read Aloud this fall, World Read Aloud Day on February 8, 2018, Poem In Your Pocket Day during Poetry Month in April...just to name a few.

We will be putting together more Google Docs to make your connections, posts, projects and events to make these celebrations even more special.

And remember, even though we have 363 days until the next Dot Day, we can make our mark on the world every day.  

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