Saturday, September 2, 2017

Back-to-School Newsletter Full Of Awesome...Read Here Too!

I found the most exciting invitation in my email this morning!

It was an invite for this awesome Back-to-School Newsletter from Brianna Cua.

Each week she is going to bring us the latest updates in what we should be trying; how we can implement technology into your classroom and library; educators and librarians we would love to follow and one tech tool that we can learn about and try.
And I love that Brianna wants to hear from all of us on what we want to learn more about.  You can let her know on her blog and even on Twitter at @briannamcua. 

She has such a passion for education and school libraries, so I know this will be something wonderful for us to follow and read every week.

To read her very first newsletter, click here.  I know you will find it very useful and inspiring too.

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