Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lots of Literacy Fun Symbaloo and Collection For You & Your Students!

There are so many places to send our students that focus around literacy, learning, creating and fun!

Yesterday, while working with the amazing teacher librarians in Stephenville, Texas I started to think about a Symbaloo that I created once for these type of resources.  Since I started that one, so many more wonderful sites have popped up so I totally re-did the Symbaloo to share with all of you.

You will find the Lots of Literacy Fun Symbaloo here.  Please feel free to share it.
I also created a Collection by Destiny to bring this Symbaloo and all of the literacy sites too.  This is super handy as you can send your students here from Destiny or by bookmarking it on laptops, iPads and other devices.

You will find the Lots of Literacy Fun Collection here.

As we kick off a new school year and all throughout the year, we want to be able to point our students in the right direction, especially as they navigate, read and learn online.

Enjoy using these with your students and please let me know if there are other sites we should add too. 

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