Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dot Day LIVE Google Hangout Celebration.....Join Us Tomorrow At 10:00am CST

My friends and I would like to invite you to a LIVE Dot Day Celebration on September 15 from 10:00-10:30am CST.  

Mrs. P and Mr. Forbes will be joining seven schools around the country to celebrate this special day. 

If you click on the YouTube window in the Buncee above, you will be able to watch it live too.  This is a great way to celebrate Dot Day and connect with other schools and children too. 

There is a live chat feature in YouTube where we will be taking questions.  You can also tweet me at @shannonmmiller to ask your questions too.  I will then ask Mrs. P, Mr. Forbes and the others the question that you and your students have for Dot Day. 

Happy Dot Day everyone...I hope you join us as we celebrate making our mark on the world.  

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