Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pirate Stickers and More For Talk Like A Pirate Day!

In my recent post Talk Like A Pirate Day Books, Collection, Ideas, Resources and Fun, I shared how fun it would be to use Buncee to create pirate projects, posters, invitations and more for this fun day on September 19.  

When I mentioned this to my friend and Buncee designer extraordinaire Meagan, she shared two amazing pirate themed Buncee's that she created.  I just love how she creates Buncee's with so many layers and wonderful assets.  She makes them come to life!  
The next day she also sent me an email to let me know she created some new pirate themed stickers that would be perfect for Talk Like A Pirate Day!   
You can find the new stickers under Newly Added and People and Imagination.   
Our students would love to create a Buncee using these and... 
I have lots of ideas how I could use the treasure maps for lots of fun on that day and throughout the year. 

Check them out today and see what you and your students can create for Talk Like A Pirate Day with Buncee too!  

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