Monday, September 4, 2017

Create GIANT Coffee Filter Dots For Dot Day!

One of the best projects we did during Dot Day were these beautiful dots we made with coffee filters. 
It was such a simple project with....
coffee filters, makers and a little bottle of water they could squirt on if they wanted to blend and combine the color. 

Last week, my sister Heather brought a fun little twist to the coffee filter dots for Dot Day.  In fact, she had her eye on this idea for quite awhile. 
She saw these GIANT coffee filters at her local Casey's in Amana.  She just knew she had to have them for Dot Day!

Last week, she went in and bought 50 giant coffee filters for $2.00 as she prepared for the Dot Day activities her students were going to create. 

I just love seeing them create on these great big dots (coffee filters).
It gives them an even bigger canvas to make their mark on the world!
I found the filters on Amazon too. You can get 500 of these giant filters for under $15.00.  
This will become a very meaningful and special Dot Day project for your students and school too.

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