Friday, September 8, 2017

Building Community As A Future Ready Librarian

In my newest post on the Cantata Learning blog, I shared my thoughts and ideas for building community as a Future Ready Librarian.

I wrote...

As schools embrace being future ready, teacher librarians are playing a very important role in this growth through leading, teaching, and supporting the goals of the district in a variety of ways. And with a new school year upon us, this is our chance as librarians to make an impact through professional practice, programs, and spaces like never before.  
One way we can do this is by building community within our libraries and schools. The most important community we have in our library is the one we build with our students and teachers, however, we also need to involve families, community members, and others too.  
As we build this community, it’s helpful to take a look at the wedge of the Future Ready Librarian framework specially designed for this part of our practice and library. The Cultivating Community Partnerships wedge states:
A Future Ready Librarian cultivates partnerships within the school and local community (families and caregivers, non-profit organizations, government agencies, public and higher education libraries, businesses, etc…) to promote engagement and a lifelong learning process.
I included 5 awesome ways to build community within your school library this year too.

You can read the blog post here on the Cantata Learning site.

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