Friday, September 29, 2017

10 Ways To Use Buncee With Global Read Aloud!

In just a few days on October 2, Global Read Aloud kicks off its eighth year. 
In 2010, my friend Pernille Ripp started GRA with 150 participants as they read The Little Prince.  It has now grown to over a million young people around the world reading the same books together for six weeks.

It is one of our favorite literacy events and it is one of my favorite events of the year too!  
This week as I was pulling together the Global Read Aloud Collection by Destiny, I found so many terrific resources.

You will have to check it out the GRA Collection here.  I promise you will love all of the resources included in this Collection, which you can share with anyone too. 
I thought about all of the ways we could use these resources with our students during Global Read Aloud. 

One in particular digital tool and app that stood out in particular is Buncee.  This amazing creation and presentation tool would be perfect for GRA in so many ways.  

As you are planning for, check out 7 ways you can use Buncee for Global Read Aloud. 
1. Use Buncee as a way to celebrate and share the Global Read Aloud information.  

I added tiny images of each book cover and these can easily be linked to a website, book trailer, author interview and more.  

You will find a link to this Buncee here.  Feel free to make a copy and modify it for your GRA announcement. 
2. By adding a QR Code, which can be done right in Buncee, you can turn this into an interactive poster to hang up around the school.  All they have to do is scan this QR to pull up the Buncee GRA announcement on their phone or device.  
3.  Use your GRA Buncee announcement and send it out as an RSVP.  

For example, in the RSVP invitation above, I invited everyone to come to the library on October 2, 2017 to kick off Global Read Aloud.  This is a special way to start the six weeks of celebrating read aloud as a school and community.  
It is very simple to take any Buncee and turn it into a RSVP.  You will find this feature under Share in the right hand corner.  
4. You can use Buncee to introduce the different books that have been selected for this year.

The picture book study is focused on Mem Fox so I started there.
With lots of video retellings online, I found a beautiful one for Hattie and the Fox and pulled it into my Buncee by selecting Import URL when adding media to my project.
5. After listening to one of the books, either in person or through a video you add to the Buncee, students can use the Video feature in Buncee to read and record themselves.
6. Students can use stickers, animations, text and more assets to retell any of the Global Read Aloud stories.

They can share these with others looking for similarities and differences between everyones Buncee. 
7. With the Assessment features in Buncee...
Multiple Choice and Free Response Question, you can give students directions on what you would like them to do in their Buncee. 
For example, in the one above for Hattie and the Fox, students are asked to retell the story using stickers, animations and other things.  
After they have completed their Buncee, they are to use the Free Response Question to write a review on Hattie and the Fox too.
8. This could also be done with the Record feature in Buncee.  You could ask the students to record themselves sharing a review too.
9. Students can use Buncee as their Global Read Aloud Journal.

You could create a Buncee to be used as a template and they could all add to their copy.  Or just have them create their very own Buncee GRA Journal, perhaps using something like The Wild Robot Buncee Journal above.

Each week they could add to their Buncee creating a very cool archive and story.  They could even add photos and videos of each week.
10.  At the end of Global Read Aloud, your class or school can create a giant collaborative Global Read Aloud Scrapbook.  Every student could create a page for the Buncee and then use the....
Stitching feature to bring all of the Buncee's together into one story. 

What a wonderful memory for all of the students and something very special to share with your community and the world too.

Remember....Buncee's can be shared with anyone, not just students within your school community.  

This is a GLOBAL read aloud, so think about who you can connect your students with around the world.  

Buncee is definitely a powerful and engaging digital tool to use within your school and community, but also throughout the world as a global connector.  It will bring so much to your Global Read Aloud in so many ways this year.  

I can't wait to see how you use Buncee too!  

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