Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Super Fun & Useful Way To Share Your Makerspace!

I love using Buncee to share, celebrate and promote things in the library.  

Today, I thought it would be fun to take this Makerspace Buncee and share a Collection by Destiny in the Buncee too!  

As you can see in the Buncee above, if you click on the computer it will take you to....
this Makerspace Collection I put together of full of resources, project ideas and so much fun!  

You could then share this online on your library website, blog, posts and even your school website.  
Also, one of the coolest features of Buncee is that you can add a QR Code in any Buncee.  
I added one to this Makerspace can see the little boy in the right hand corner holding it. 

When this is scanned, it will take you to the Buncee where everything will work on a device just like it does online.  

This could be hung up in your library, around the school and even sent home with students so they can get to the Makerspace Buncee, including the awesome Makerspace Collection, at home or anywhere. 

You will find the Makerspace Buncee I created here.  Feel free to make a copy and use it for your own Makerspace too.  And don't forget, you can share the Makerspace Collection too!  

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  1. Buncee. Had no idea it existed till I read your blog. Thanks so much. Just signed-up and can't wait to begin using it!