Sunday, September 17, 2017

Use Videos To Bring Learning, Teaching & Memories To Life In Buncee

I celebrated Dot Day with a wonderful group of people in YouTube Live (Google Hangout) on September 15.  We connect this way for special events and always share the link so others can watch and have fun with us too.
This year as we got ready for Dot Day, I created a Buncee and added the link of the YouTube Live to the Buncee too.

The cool thing about this....When you add a YouTube link and video, it is automatically embedded and can be played within this Buncee.
As you can see in the tweet at the top of this post, our friends at Follett watched our Dot Day Celebration from the Buncee that I shared....and the one right above her too.
And now when you go to our Dot Day Celebration Buncee, you will find the entire recording right there in the corner.

You can click on it here to watch and share.

I want you to think about using this feature for other things in your library and classroom.

Embed an event like this Dot Day Celebration and share with parents, teachers and others around the world.  They can watch it live or afterwards too.

Share field trips with parents and others...even your students when you get back to school.  Once again, they can even be the actual live event.

Make music concerts, project parades, sporting events, science fairs and other events live.
Use it for flipped learning by sharing videos that you create or have students create videos to share with other students too.

Find videos that are relevant to what you are teaching and embed them in your Buncee.  For example, Buncee is a powerful digital tool to teach math, science and more.  A embedded video would make it even more meaningful.  For example, check out all of the videos on NASA's YouTube.

Embed book trailers from publishers, authors and illustrators for books that our students love.
Embed the book trailers that your students create too!  I love the Author Interviews from Follett Learning's Behind the Book Series.  You can find over 75 of these on YouTube.

Go to the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel and embed any of the stories and songs.

There are so many ways to use this feature.  Now let me show you how.  It is super easy.
Go to the YouTube video you want to use.  Click on Share and copy the URL. 
In your Buncee, Pick Your Media Type and click on Import URL.  
You will paste the URL here and click enter.  
You can also search within YouTube under media types too.  

Either way once you click on Enter, the YouTube video will be...
automatically embedded like these in this Buncee above.

There are so many ways to use Buncee to bring learning, teaching and creativity to life.  By embedding, sharing and archiving videos, we are adding an element of engagement and fun too.

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