Thursday, September 1, 2016

DK Find Out Is Not Just A Website! There Are Now DK Find Out Books Too!

One of my favorite places to send students and teachers to is DK Find Out!  

Our friends at DK have put together an amazing place that holds lots of information, videos, images and other fun material for all subjects within the library and classroom. 
I wrote about DK Find Out in this post What Can You Find Out With DK's New Reference Site "DK Find Out"?  You can read it here

Since DK Find Out has come out there have been lots of wonderful additions and changes that has made it even better.  

DK has also created something very special for everyone that is now available in print. 
They are the DK Find Out books and I am crazy about them!  
 There are six books of various subjects right now with more to come.
They have focused around six of our favorite topics including Animals, Dinosaurs, Solar System, Volcanoes, Science and Ancient Rome.  

These books are backed with surprising facts and fun filled quizzes, timelines and interviews.  

Stunning photography brings each topic alive, and they will help with school projects as well.  
 From the second the front cover is opened, the DK Find Out books hook our readers.

There is a fun quiz on the opening page that will get kids wanting to know more.
 There is also a timeline filled with interesting facts and images.
 The Contents is loaded and is easy to follow.
Within each article, DK has included beautiful photographs they are known for...
 ...along with text boxes and sidebars
 I love how they have included Actual Sizes of a few of the animals.
In the back of the DK Find Out Animals book, there is a great spread in the back called Top Animals. 
My son took this page and then looked up the animals on the DK Find Out website. This is important in developing research skills and definitely adds to their experiences as learners and readers.
 In the back, there is an extensive Glossary and...
 even a place for them to write My Findout Facts.  

Once again this can be used for the book and also using the DK Find Out website.
I hope you go to DK Find Out today to check out the website and also the books.

You will find more information on the website here.
And as always, DK Find Out can be found at

I know these will become some of your favorites too!

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