Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Special Community Service Project For Peace Day.....Win 25 Books & CD's For You & Someone Else!

Today I watched children all around the world celebrating International Peace Day.  

It has been declared as a day to strengthen the ideals of peace within all countries and among all groups of people.  

We teach and empower our students to become good citizens within their community. By helping others through volunteering or fundraising, they are being good citizens and celebrating peace. 
In honor of Peace Day, Cantata Learning wants to give a shout out to all the good work schools and their students are doing for their communities.  

As we focus on telling the story of our community for the Give A Shout Out To Your Community Global Harmony Project, Cantata Learning is hosting a contest that will award three classes or schools 25 Cantata Learning books and CDs PLUS the winner can choose another organization to receive an additional 25 free books and CDs too! 
It is called the How I Help My Community Contest. 

In this contest, we are encouraging you and your students to help others in the community.  We want to hear these stories and celebrate them by giving a shout out to the good work schools and their students are doing.
It is easy to enter....just follow the steps above.  You can also find them here.

Once you have completed your community project, have students write a story, create a video or draw about what you did and what you accomplished.  

Or think of another creative way to showcase your community service project. 

If you raised money or collected items, be sure to tell us how much and what is will be used for.  If you volunteered time, tell us what students did and who they helped.  

Be creative...Find something your students are passionate about and help them make a difference. 
Once you've documented your community service project, sent it to us.  The directions are above and included on the site

All forms are due by November 11, 2016 by 11:59pm EST.  

And guess what?  I am super excited to be the judge of this contest and will select the winners!

The How I Help My Community Contest is a very special way your students can celebrate and proclaim peace with their very own community by doing something for someone else and making a difference within the world.

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