Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Send A Little Digital Story Through iMessage With The New Buncee Sticker Packs For iOS 10!

Last night I learned about the new iOS 10 iPhone update.  I couldn't wait to update my iPhone and try it out.

WOW!  I can't believe how cool it is!
Not only can I share my heartbeat, messages, music, images and videos, I can go to the App Store from my iMessage to find lots of great apps too.
Once I am in the App Store, all of the different apps show up and can be searched.

Now I must admit, even though I was excited about the update and all of these new apps, there was something I was even more excited about and these were....
all of the new Sticker Packs from my friends at Buncee.
I searched Buncee in the search bar at the top and found all 5 of the Buncee Sticker Packs.  They were quick to download and include...
 Buncee Education, 
 Buncee Imagination, 
 Buncee Emotions, 
Buncee Animals and... favorite, Buncee Party!  I love this one because of the two people doing the dab.
If you remember, the dab is something Hagan loves to do.

When I was telling Buncee about this one day, they create two stickers that look like Hagan and I doing the dab.  You can read all about this here.
I couldn't wait to share the sticker of Hagan dabbing with him from the Buncee Party sticker pack app in an iMessage.
He will have a lot of fun with this one....just like he does doing the dab himself.
So as we all learn about iOS 10, make sure you get the 5 Buncee Sticker Packs for yourself.  It made sending messages to my sister Heather and Hagan a whole lot of fun this morning.

They add that special little touch, just like creating our digital stories with Buncee.

We can now add the magic of digital storytelling with Buncee to our iMessages too.

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