Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Free Song Of The Month & Awesome Project Ideas To Go Along With "Who Can Fly" From Cantata Learning!

I have something awesome to share with you today.  

In fact, it is something you can sing, read and share with all of your students.  
It is Who Can Fly from Cantata Learning and is featured as the September Song of the Month.   
Every month Cantata Learning gives all of us a free song and story we can use in our libraries, classrooms and homes. 

This month Who Can Fly is the very special song and story we are sharing.
This book and song will help you students explore the meaning of adaptation as they learn about many types of birds including owls, hummingbirds and eagles.

They can read the print or eBook, while...
listening to the song and book too.
It will also build your students vocabulary and critical thinking skills as they follow the story and sing along.
Not only is the information in Who Can Fly amazing for our young learners, Who Can Fly is perfect to connect with PebbleGo from Capstone.

Within PebbleGo Animals, you students can also research the different types of birds mentioned in the Who Can Fly and...
various vocabulary and concepts such as Migration.
Brianna found this fun Bird Identity activity on BirdSleuth K-12 too.

It will be a wonderful tie in with the information, videos, photographs and other supports and resources that PebbleGo offers.
At the back of each Cantata Learning book, there is a page that contains Activities and To Learn More, which will give you even more ideas.
And there is one more awesome resource they have give us with the Song of the Month.  

They have created a free lesson plan for Who Can Fly?  
 You can find the lesson plan here.
And on the second page, we have included extensions for Language, Music and Art, Technology and PE.

I love tying in the books and songs with all of these subjects especially showing the technology, art and music extensions.
In this lesson plan for Who Can Fly, the PE Extension is great fun. 

You can partner up with your PE teacher for this one as students research their animal, view videos on PebbleGo and other sites, and act out the movement their animal creates.  
This is just one of the many lesson plans and activities being shared from Cantata Learning. 

Remember....every month they give us a new Song of the Month for free.  
All you have to do is sign up here to receive a FREE song every month from Cantata.  
Follow Cantata Learning on Facebook and Twitter too......There is a fee song posted every week here too.  

But for this week.....let's learn who can fly, along with other important facts and information about birds and adaptions too.

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