Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Watch Author Michael Dahl Share Ghost Stories, Writing Tips & More In This Cantata Learning Meet & Greet!

Yesterday we hosted author extraordinaire...
Michael Dahl as our second...
People In Your Community Meet and Greet with Cantata Learning.

For these Meet and Greets, we are hosting them on Google Hangout so everyone can tune in each week.
Michael has written dozens of books for children and young adults including...
... Bedtime for Batman, one of our new favorites, and...
Cantata Learning's Albert Is Just Fine, Mrs. Einstein, which you can listen and sing along here!   
For our Meet and Greets we are connecting with one school library or classroom LIVE and this week my dear friend....
...Karyn Lewis and her 6th graders in Katy, Texas were our special guests.
We loved it when Michael told us,

There are lots of types of writing. We need a variety of writing such as writing music and lyrics, books, graphic novels, writing the manual for games and many more.  
To be a writer, you need to spend time surrounded by the things that inspire you, which is exactly what Michael does in his office everyday.
He showed us a board full of inspiration including a Sing Your Lessons With Cantata Learning poster.

The students enjoyed seeing all of these things.
We all loved it when Michael started sharing his own books like the Igor's Lab of Fear series from Capstone.
 There are four titles in Igor's Lab of Fear.  
 You will find all four of these titles on the Capstone site here.
As Michael was talking about getting his inspiration in writing ghost stories through research in Texas, another one of our teacher librarian friends...
 ...Michelle Griffith and her 3rd graders in Lake Jackson, Texas sent out a tweet with a picture.
I tweeted them right back to see if they wanted to ask Michael a question too.

And boy....did they have a great one!
Now we can't wait to see what ghost books Michael will write next knowing that he does lots of his ghost research in Texas.  
You and your students can watch Michael Dahl too by clicking on this link.

It was so much fun and one you won't want to miss!
And remember, don't miss the other five People In Your Community Meet and Greets including Jason De Baca, Chef,
Dr. Alpa Patel, Optometrist,
Emily Arrow, Singer and Songwriter,
 Nick Hobson, Bike Mechanic and Instructor,
and Ryan McClintock, Iowa Farmer...and my brother.

You will find them all here...And this is where you register for each one.

Have fun giving a shout out to your community too!  

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