Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Turn Your Classroom Into A Giant Interactive Whiteboard With Ormiboard!

The world is your whiteboard.

Can you imagine what this would mean to your students?   What is would mean to you as an educator?
As we add technology and a variety of devices to our schools, there are lots of questions that pop up.  

How will we keep them all engaged?  How will we keep track of what they are doing?  How will we create lessons that foster collaboration and critical thinking?  How do we capture their love for technology and focus it on positive learning experiences?  How do we support the variety of devices?
Therefore, to give them a place where students can interact with a giant whiteboard will transform any library or classroom.  It will bring engagement and excitement to learning, teaching and collaboration between our students like we haven't seen with a whiteboard before.  

This is exactly what Ormiboard will bring to all of us.  
As the website states...

Ormiboard lets teachers and students create lessons, activities and interactive games anytime and anywhere with a easy-to-use floating toolset for pictures, shapes, clipart, text, files, sounds, actions and more.  
By consulting with schools using various devices in classrooms, Ormiboard focused on the need to turn any device into an interactive whiteboard with real-time web-based collaboration tools.  
And they have created something amazing that will turn our library and classroom into a giant whiteboard with no downloads or delays which works on any device and any OS.  

Let's take a little look at how Ormiboard works.

There are two different ways to use Ormiboard.  You can create your own interactive lessons or choose from boards they have created.  
First, let's look at how to create boards yourself. I really enjoyed doing this because it let me learn the ins and outs of the platform.  

Using Ormiboard, you can create interactive lessons and activities for students to engage them within the virtual whiteboard space.  
As you create the interactive lessons, shapes, texts, draw, clipart, and pictures can be added using the toolset which floats over the space.  The background can be changed too.

You will love how you will be able to put your personal touch on these too.  
It is easy to add, delete and move slides in your interactive lesson.  

In fact, you can make your lesson as many slides as you would like.  This adds to the richness of this virtual space.  
Before you share with students, you can play to preview and test your board when it is in interactive mode.  
Here is a board that I started today to go along with our Give A Shout Out To Your Community global project with my first grade friends.  

I will have the little ones choose things that are found within their community as a way to build background knowledge and kick off this project.
Not only can I choose Images, Symbols, Objects and Nature to add to my board....
I can also add a variety of Text, Pictures, Shapes and Drawings too.  It is simple to change the color of the background too.
Second, let's take a look at the boards Ormiboard has created.  

You can choose any of these to use with your students.  

I tried out The Solar System, which can be found here.
Students will learn about the planets within the Solar System by clicking on each.  
A few of the other boards are Quick poll with instant results,
Monuments of the World and...
Gravity Playground.  You will find several others too.

The sample boards can be used as they are or modified to fit the needs of the teacher and students.
When your interactive board is ready, share the code found at the top with your students.  

They will go to and enter the code to join the lesson.  Remember....they can join from any device, since it is browser-based.

Once to that board, students will interact as an individual student.  Ormiboard keeps track of their individual scores and progress.
That gives you an overview of what Ormiboard is all about and how it turns your classroom into a giant interactive whiteboard.  

What do you think?  

Do you want to give it a try?  
Well, you can do just that and it's FREE right now.  

Ormiboard is available on pre-release free of charge and it is easy to sign up today.  

All you have to do is go to and register for an account.   
You can try your first 10 activities or lesson boards FREE.

Ormiboard will bring engagement and excitement to learning, teaching and collaboration.  

Give it a try. I know you and your students will love it just as much as me!  

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