Monday, September 26, 2016

Free Song of the Week & Lesson Plan....People Who Help In My Neighborhood!

People helping people, all around. 
People helping people, sing it again!  

People helping people, all around. 
People helping people in my town!  
These are the lyrics you will hear, sing and read this week with Cantata Learning for the very special Song of the Week....

People Who Help In My Neighborhood.  
In fact, click on this link to listen and sing as you read this post with ideas on how you can use it with your students and children too.  
This wonderful story and song, along with the lively illustrations, will pull children in as they learn about people who help in the community such as firefighters, drivers and mail carriers.  
The music can be found in the back of the book on a CD or online for anyone to listen you did at the link above.  
This book is also a perfect tie in with the Cantata Learning Harmony Project we are currently working on with schools and communities around the globe.  
The project, Give A Shout Out To Your Community celebrates communities of all kinds, from your classroom and students' families to your town, state and beyond.  

This global project is a great opportunity for students to learn, connect with their communities and be creative.  

And what better way to learn about all of the different people that help in our communities and celebrate them too!  

As you use this story and song, we have created a special lesson plan that incorporates lots of creative, engaging and educational ideas and projects.
You can find this lesson plan on the Cantata Learning blog here.
Students will build their own town (Build With Chrome) and will then explore how the town changes as it grows.  . 
There are many ways to make this lesson interactive and exciting, from exploring your own community for inspirations...
to participating in our Meet and Greet sessions to learn about different professions.  
The Song of the Week is part of a four book series called People Who Help from Cantata Learning.  

They can read about people who help in the neighborhood, people who keep them healthy, and people who help animals.  They will enjoy everyone of these wonderful books and songs.  
You can learn more about the People Who Help series from Cantata on the Capstone website here

We can't wait to see how you share the people in your neighborhood through the Harmony Project too!  

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