Thursday, September 22, 2016

Look How These 2nd Graders Gave A Shout Out To Their Community...And 3 More Project Ideas For You!

Students, school libraries, classrooms and communities are creating projects around the world to be part of the Give A Shout Out To Your Community Harmony Project with Cantata Learning. 
We kicked it off this week with a fun Meet and Greet GHO with Chef Jason on his food truck in Denver, Colorado and have another planned for next Monday with author, Michael Dahl.   

You and your students can watch Chef Jason cooking with Andy Plemmons kindergarten students here
And if you haven't had time yet to Join The Project, you can do that here

Well now I want to share a few project ideas to get your creative juices flowing!  
There are lots of ways your students can give a shout out to their community.  

They can make up a dance, write a story, create a wooden or virtual model, write and sing an original song or rap, and work with the local news station to produce a commercial promoting things around town.  

The ideas are unlimited and we can't wait to see how creative you and your students will be with this Harmony Project.  

Just in case you need a few ideas, we have created three different projects too.  They include...
How I Help My Community,  
Meet Someone Special and... 
A Community I'm Curious About.  

You will find all three of these projects here with ideas and resources to help you get started.   

My friend Tracy Ferguson is a 2nd grade teacher in Van Meter, Iowa. When I told her about the Give A Shout Out To Your Community project, Tracy and her new 2nd graders sent me a few video clips that we put together in a short video using iMovie. 

You can watch our 2nd grade friends giving a shout out to Van Meter, Iowa above.  

I know this will inspire you and your students as these projects are being are planned so please feel free to share this with them and others.  

This is just the first project to be shared.  Soon there will be projects being completed all over the world.  

You might be asking what you do once your project is complete.  
That is easy!  

You go to the bottom of that page and click on Submit Your Project. This will take you to the Google Slides presentation we have set up.  
The directions are included on this first slide.  

You will add it to a new slide.  Please make sure you include where you are from, the age of the students, and what you teach.  
You can add as many slides as you need for your project.  

Please be careful not to make any changes to the format or others slides.  

When the project has ended, I will take this presentation and upload it into FlipSnack to create a flippable eBook that we will publish and share online globally. 

So get those creative juices flowing friends....We want to hear everyone shouting and sharing from communities around the world!   

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