Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Look How Kids Can Share Their Community Stories...And Learn About Others Along The Way!

We are ready to kick off our brand new global Harmony Project with a very special People in Your Community Meet and Greet with Chef Jason on his food truck in Denver tomorrow.
At 8:30am MST, Chef Jason will be connecting with Andy Plemmons and Ms. Kelly's kindergartners in Athens, Georgia and we can all join in on the LIVE Google Hangout!

You can join Chef Jason as he tells about his super job by clicking on this link to register.
With the theme of the new Harmony Project being Give A Shout Out To Your Community, we have scheduled six People in Your Community Meet and Greets over the next six weeks.

Read more about each one and register for them at this link.  I also blogged about them here.
As we all think about how we will tell the story of our communities with our students, Cantata Learning has put together several awesome activities and activity ideas to help.

On the Activity Ideas page, you will find three project ideas including...
 How I Help My Community, 
 Meet Someone Special and...
 ...A Community I'm Curious About.  

These projects tie in digital tools such as Buncee, Flipsnack, Canva, Smore and more, along with research, song writing, art activities, interviewing, collaborating and so much more.
Cantata is making many Cantata Learning books and songs available through...
 Capstone Interactive to use during the creation of the projects.
They can also research and learn about everything from people, place and lots of other things with free access to PebbleGo. 

Access to both will be available until November 30, 2016.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless on how your students share their community!
First step, sign up to participate in the Give a Shout Out Global Project here.

Let's make this the best global community story ever and share it with other children around the world!

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