Thursday, September 8, 2016

DOGOnews For Our Students Is Now Part Of MackinVIA Too!

 Today when I was working on my digital collection in MackinVIA, something new caught my eye.
At the bottom of my MackinVIA home screen, there was a group called Articles From DOGOnews!  
I was excited to find out more so I went to Mackin's Technical News which gives us a place to read the latest on what's new on and
And there it was.....a little release all about the DOGOnews Feed.  

It states... We are excited to unveil this new service, a complimentary offering from our partners at DOGO Media.  The DOGOnews feed is the leading source for news and non-fictional content for Science, Social Studies and Current Events.  

Vested news articles and new original content is added daily by the DOGOnews editorial staff.  
I decided to check out DOGOnews for myself.  I scrolled through the articles using the arrows on either side.
I clicked on one called Commemorating The Fifteenth Anniversary Of The September 11th Terrorist Attacks

It opened right up to the DOGOnews website
As I read the article, with it's detailed, interesting text and stunning photographs, I noticed there were vocabulary words highlighted in blue.
 When you click on the vocabulary words, the definition to that word pops up in a window.
At the end of the article, there is also a box filled with all of the vocabulary words and questions.
And look at this cool little activity!

For each article, students can click on Play Game in the corner of the vocabulary box.  I did a word search with the words from the September 11th article.
Also, at the top of each article, you will find the standards and grade level that are connected to each.

This is very helpful in planning lessons and connecting students to grade level appropriate articles...
along with the Lexile level for each.
It is easy to email each article and also embed like I have done with the ice cream article above.

If you click on the article, it will take you directly to the DOGOnews site too.
The DOGOnews feed will be available by default to all customers.  We can deactivate it within the MackinVIA Administrator site.

I know your students will love this feature too!

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