Thursday, September 8, 2016

Instilling A Growth Mindset In Your Library & Classroom This Month & All Year Long

Our friends at ClassDoJo shared that September is Growth Mindset Month so Brianna and I went on a little investigation ourselves into Growth Mindset.
Our first stop was the Mindset website.  

In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work....brains and talent are just the starting point.  
This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment. Virtually all great people have had these qualities.  
We were also excited to read this post by Heidi at the Create, Dream, Explore blog.

What a wonderful tie in with Dot Day coming up next week on September 15.

As she states, The Dot is great for helping you to instill a growth mindset in your classroom.  In simple terms it's this, "I can't do that.....YET."  This is the motto in my classroom.  I try to remind my students all the time that they can do whatever they put their minds to.  It might take longer for some but they can achieve anything.  

I embraced growth mindset with my students in the library and through collaboration with classroom teachers and parents over the years.  It is something that I truly believe in and always want my own children to embrace too.

Here is one new book from Capstone that I would definitely add to my library collection....Fuchsia Fierce by Christianne C. Jones
Fushsia takes girl power to a whole new level of fierceness and teaches every reader the importance of self confidence, which is a priceless lesson.   

You can find this on the Capstone website.

Brianna and I decided to to celebrate Growth Mindset Month by pulling together a Pinterest board filled with awesome resources and information.
You will find our Growth Mindset Month Pinterest Board here.

How do you empower your students to embrace growth mindset in your library, classroom and home?  We would love to know.  

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