Friday, September 9, 2016

Coloring, Trading & Singing With A New Cast Of Cantata Learning Characters You Will Love!

The Cantata Learning books we love singing and reading have a new cast of characters for the fall. 
And there is something very special to introduce your students to the starts of Cantata's Fall 2016 book collection!
They are a set of 16 trading cards featuring 16 of the new characters from these books!
The trading cards can be downloaded from the Cantata Learning site in color or.... black and white.
Crayons, colored pencils, markers and paints will be fun for students to use as they color their trading cards.
Other crafting materials such as bead, glitter, rope, sequins, stickers, yarn and googlie eyes can make them even more special and unique as students collect and trade them with friends.
You can pull out the Cantata Learning books in print and eBook for your little makers to look, read and sing long with the characters as they create them too.
Each trading card contains a QR code to scan and listen to the catchy songs...
  that go along with each character.
We scanned The Grand Old Duke Of York trading card with a QR code reader.
The song popped up on our device.  We played it as we read the book and had so much fun singing along.  
 You can give this one a try here too!
When you bring these adorable trading cards to your library and classroom here are a few ideas: 

Print the trading cards and trim them out...remember you can print them in color or black and white.

Post the cards throughout the library or classroom or put them in a basket for students to choose their favorites.  
Set the basket of cards in your Makerspace for a little Community Coloring!  

Also, put these in your Musical Makerspace.  They can color, scan, sing, read and trade all in one place!   
You can even hand these trading cards out as rewards for great behavior or a job well done.  

And as I mentioned above...

Have students scan the QR codes to listen to the catchy songs that go along with each character. 

Read the Cantata Learning books that accompany students' favorite tunes.  
Visit the Cantata Learning Blog, to meet all of the characters of Cantata Learning's Fall 2016 Collection for yourself.  

This is where you will be able to read ideas and download the cards.  

Encourage children to collect and share all 16!  

With every book and song you know you're building life-long literacy skills.  To kids, it's just plain exciting. 

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