Thursday, September 8, 2016

Three Ways To Put Songs & Stories Into Children's Hands, Heads and Hearts!

I love it when my friends Kat and Nick send me little videos of their 2 year old daughter Ella singing along to her favorite Cantata Learning songs.  

Yesterday when they sent me this one, I thought about how neat it was that she always has songs and books on a small device, just the right size for her. 

And one that is able to go with her at home, in the car, at the library and other places.  

There are a few ways that Ella and other children can get to the Cantata Learning songs very easily on their devices. 
First, they can listen to all of the songs from the Cantata Learning website.  

All of the seasons are on the website under Products.  
Second way is to go to the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel.  

The Cantata Learning YouTube channel is packed full of amazing songs, virtual storytimes, videos and more!  
In fact, I wrote all about it last week and you can read the post here.   
You can subscribe right now so you don't miss a thing!  
When I opened up the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel on my iPhone I thought it would be very useful and fun to add this to my homepage.  
All you have to do is click on the middle button at the bottom of the screen which gives you options of where to share that website.  
It will bring up the options.  You click on Add to Home Screen.   
When you Add to Home, you can name it whatever you want.  I changed it to Cantata Learning YouTube. 
One you click on Add it is added to the home page of your iPhone or iPad. 
I also did this with special YouTube Playlists.  

I picked the playlist for Virtual Storytimes in the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel. I then added it to my home just like I did with the main channel.   
The third way Ella can listen to all of the Cantata Learning songs is from the Symbaloo webmixes we created for each season.  

There are four right now... Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016 and Fall 2016.  

I looked up each Symbaloo webmix on my iPhone and...
...added to my home just like the others.   
When that is clicked, the Cantata Learning Symbaloo Fall 2016 comes up on the screen.  

Once I had all of these different ways to listen, read, sing and watch Cantata Learning on my home page, I put them together in a folder I called Cantata Learning.  

It is that easy to give your children in at home, school and in the library access to the wonderful stories and songs anywhere, anytime and anyplace by putting them into their hands, heads and hearts. 

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