Thursday, September 8, 2016

Point Your Readers To The State Book Awards This Year & The Wonderful Resources That Go With Them!

My niece Grayce is such a reader.  I love sharing and talking books with her.

Last night I was texting with her and she asked me if I had heard of the Iowa Children's Choice Books.  

Every year this is a list that I look forward to and this year even more than before with Hagan and I reading several and Grayce reading them now too.

It was also perfect timing with my friend Miranda Kral sharing the ThingLink she created of the 2016-17 Iowa Children's Choice Award books.

When you scroll over the poster above, you will see book trailers for each that pop up in a video window.  I love this!  

Thank you Miranda for sharing with all of us.....the kids around Iowa are loving this! 
Iowa also has three other lists.... Goldfinch Award (picture books), Teen Award and High School Book Award.  

You can find all four here

Mackin also has a special place for all of the state book awards called Mackin Booktalk.  
This site is amazing because your readers can look up several states with book award lists and all of the books within the list. 
Once they click on a title, they can read about the book and author. They can rate it and share in a variety of ways. 
They also include several books that are similar to the one highlighted on the list.   
Mackin has also provided several state book award posters they have created especially for the different awards.  I love these!  

So when you are celebrating the book awards in your state this year, don't forget to check out all of the other state award books too!  

There is always something to share with others and your students will love this collaborative reading community book awards create. 

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