Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Perfect Song and Story As We Celebrate The Start Of Fall This Week!

As I was driving Hagan to school last week, I looked around and sensed more fall than the days before.  The corn was turning brown, the leaves were a bright yellow and we could smell fall in the air.  
And then sitting at Hagan's football game on Sunday really made us realize that fall is here!  

A very special song and story comes to mind...
Leave fall from the trees.  There's a crisp, cool breeze.  Go out and play!  It's a fine fall day.  
Farmers work to pick their crops before the temperature really drops.  Carrots, squash, and turnips too will make a tasty autumn stew. 
It is Cantata Learning's Autumn...Leaves Fall From The Trees by Lisa Bell, illustrated by Emily Brooks.
You just have to listen to this one too by clicking here!   This will be a favorite during every fall season, especially this week as the first day of fall is September 22.

As the site states, This beautiful song and picture book give children a look at fall.  The crisp, cool weather of fall invites kids to get outside and play!  
We have put together a wonderful lesson plan for you to use with this book too.
I love how the emphasis is not just on fall, but on the start of school by focusing on academic resolutions.  Students will create an acorn for these resolutions, along with...
several Language Arts, Technology, Music, PE, Cooking, Math, Science and Art Extensions.

All of these can be found with the Autumn...Leaves Fall From The Trees lesson plan.  You will find it here too.
One of my favorite things about Autumn is the sweet song that is part of the story.  In the back of the book, as with all Cantata Learning titles, the sheet music and lyrics are including extending this lesson even more.

All children love learning to songs!
 This book is part of four from Cantata Learning about the seasons and part of...
...My First Science Songs available from Capstone.

These are available in print and interactive eBook format.
Also, here is one article with little ideas...5 Fall Activities for Elementary School and....
and tons of ideas on Pinterest too!  

Happy Fall Everyone....Enjoy your week celebrating and singing along with Cantata Learning's Song of the Week!  

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