Monday, September 19, 2016

Bring Your Students Inside A Denver Food Truck To Cook With Chef Jason In The First "People In Your Community Meet & Greet" This Wednesday!

Have you ever been able to bring your students to a food truck to talk with the chef and go inside to cook?  
Well, this week you can as we kick off our People In Your Community Meet and Greets which is part of our new global Harmony Project....Give A Shout Out To Your Community

We will be visiting chef and owner of the Roaming Bull Brasserie Jason De Baca in his super cool yellow food truck!  
To make it even better.... My awesome friend and teacher librarian Andy Plemmons and the kindergarteners from Ms. Kelly's at Barrow Elementary Media Center in Athens, Georgia will be joining Jason and all of us in a LIVE Google Hangout.  
To participate in the LIVE event and register for this event, please visit this link.  

How fun is this going to be?  

And I hear that Chef Jason will be making pizza with the kindergarteners in his food truck!  
Now this is just the start to six weeks of LIVE People In Your Community Meet and Greets.  

Take a look at the schedule below.

It is going to six weeks of so much fun and such wonderful learning events for your students as we learn and interact with a variety of people within our community.

We have an author, optometrist, singer and songwriter, bike mechanic and instructor, and my brother Ryan McClintock, who is a farmer, will end our amazing weekly adventures from his fields and farm in Shellsburg, Iowa.

We cannot wait for you to be part of all six events!  

Please go to this link and sign up for the live events.....You must register for each one.  
JOIN THE GLOBAL PROJECT for sharing, creating, connecting and tons of fun!
Your students can create a project to share all about their community.  These projects will be compiled into a collaborative global story about communities.

We have brought together lots of resources and ideas to make this project awesome for all of you!

Check it out here
You can read more about Give A Shout Out To Your Community and other Harmony our Global Winter Project here.

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