Thursday, September 15, 2016

PebbleGo Vote! The Perfect Place For Everyone To Have A Voice In The Presidential Election!

Preparing election activities in your school? 

Check out PebbleGo Vote from our friends at Capstone

Voting is one of our most fundamental American rights and a presidential election year is a great opportunity to connect curriculum and current events. 

Capstone and its popular K-2 database PebbleGo are making it easy to make sure even your youngest students are included in the excitement. 

They’ve launched a new, free program called PebbleGo Vote.
PebbleGo Vote is an easy and fun place for students to cast their ballot for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton—voting opens on October 10

But Capstone has also created a great site full of free resources. 
You can register for access to free election-related articles in PebbleGo and free election-themed Capstone Interactive eBooks. You even get free access to the PebbleGo Biographies articles of Clinton and Trump. Your whole school can use both through election day. 
Plus, there are some fun downloadables like a couple of lesson plans, a template that allows kids to share why they think either candidate would be a good president and some campaign coloring pages.
One idea is to compare and contrast the questions on the Share What You Think templates with the questions on the Share What You Know templates that are part of the regular database articles. 

For example, when you are writing about someone’s biography, you can write about facts that everyone can agree on. But if you are writing about why you think someone will be a good president, not everyone will agree with the reasons that are important to you.

Plus, if you are planning on doing a school-wide election, you can even register your school so that when it comes time for the kids to vote, PebbleGo Vote will keep track of your school level results too. No individual voting information is tracked, though.

Let your students know that their vote counts too!  

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