Wednesday, August 23, 2017

You Can Now Add Video Book Reviews To Destiny Discover!

Something very exciting happened in Destiny Discover on August 25!  

Although reviews have always been supported in Classic Destiny and Destiny Quest, the only reviews support in Destiny Discover were for Follett eBooks. Now that Destiny Discover is becoming the primary search and discovery interface for all Destiny Library Manager users (and non-Destiny Follett eBook users), Follett are expanding the book review support to ALL materials.  

The ability for our students to add reviews to all materials is going to make a big impact on our students, teachers and libraries. 

Here are some of the new highlights:  

***If users have entered book reviews in Classic or Quest, those reviews will now be accessible in Destiny Discover. 

***Destiny Discover will now support filters on rating (1 to 5 stars)

***In Destiny Discover, users can enter a longer review (up to 2000 characters) than we have supported in the past.  Follett made this improvement based on customer requests. 

***Librarians can determine who has rights to post reviews and can indicate they need to approve reviews before others can see them.
***And one of the MOST exciting highlightsDestiny Discover also supports the ability for users to specify a link to digital content and video content hosted elsewhere! 

For example, a YouTube video, Google Presentation or Google Document, Buncee, Padlet, etc.. can be added as part of your review. 

This will allow you to add digital book trailers to your catalog. 

Let me show you how this will look....
When you add a review, you can specify a rating, review text (up to 2000 characters), video title and video link. 
Once the review is approved by the librarian, it appears like this in Destiny Discover as you can see at the bottom of the screen.  
When you click on the review video content link, it plays in a new browser tab.  

In this review, a Buncee book review was added.  When the link is click, the Buncee pops up to play.
There is a filter that shows on the left hand side of search results for limiting by rating. 
And this is how the rating shows in the search results.  

As you can see, the new Destiny Discover updates can help to engage students on creating their content to share regarding the books they are reading and love.  It will give them ownership over the library collection and voice within the library and community.

It will make a difference too.  

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