Tuesday, August 1, 2017

It's Our Library Skills Series Book Birthday! Celebrate With Us Too!

Today's the day!  It my Library Skills Series Book Birthday!  Hooray!

I couldn't be more excited about today and the opportunity to write these four books with Cantata Learning.

And to make the series extra special, my dear friend Emily Arrow arranged and produced the music. I just love the songs Emily created for all four of the titles in the series.

In fact, Emily and Cantata Learning have created a fun music video to go along with Find a Book!  

This will be the perfect thing to share in your library as you sing and move along to Find a Book and the others too.  
You will find Manners in the Library, Be Safe Online, Fiction or Nonfiction and of course...Find a Book on the Cantata Learning website.  
And just like all of the Cantata Learning books, you will find the song, sheet music and even the instrumental version of the song online. You can check out Find a Book here

Thank you Cantata Learning for asking me to be part of this wonderful project! It is a dream come true. I can't wait to share the books and songs with librarians, teachers and children around the world!  

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