Friday, August 18, 2017

Personalize Your Collections With Your Image & Profile Information

We can now personalize our Collections in Destiny Discover from Follett even more by adding a little profile image and information.  

And it is super easy to do!
Click on your Profile in the top right hand corner.  Before you add an image, it is just a generic little circle.

Then click on the blue My Profile.   
This will open up your Profile page where you can make a few changes including About, Interests, Subjects and....
 your profile image.  You can upload an image like I did with mine or....
...add a Sticker or...
...Emoji.  And at the bottom, you can even add your email, which is handy when people want to easily get in touch about a Collection.

As everyone starts using Collections, this is just one more way that we can give them a little personal touch and collaborate with one another.

You can read all about Collections from Follett here in this post too.

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