Friday, August 18, 2017

4 Library Skills Videos To Use As You Kick Off The Year!

As school starts, we are looking for ways to welcome our students to the library and I have four videos that will help you do just that!  They are the videos that go along with my new Library Skills series from Cantata Learning with Emily Arrow singing all four.

In fact, you will be able to use them all throughout the year as you teach important library skills to your students.
They can be found on the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel with all of the other stories and songs from Cantata Learning. In fact, this it the sixth season for Cantata!  

You and your students can sing along to Find a Book, 
Manners in the Library, 
Staying Safe Online and...
...Fiction and Nonfiction.  
You can also find the Library Skills Series on the Cantata Learning site here
The music, lyrics, sheet music and even the instrumental version of each song are included for each.
There is always something to sing, dance and learn on the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel.

You can subscribe here today and make your library loud all year long!

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