Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I Brought Together A List Of Special Eclipse Books & Resources In Titlewave and Collections

As I shared last week, I have been bringing together lots of resources focusing on the total solar eclipse in my new Solar Eclipse Collection within Destiny Discover.

You can read my blog post about how I created this Collection too.
As you can with all Collections, I made this one public so all of you can see and use the resources too. You will find the Solar Eclipse Collection here.

In the Collection, I brought in a variety of eclipse, planet and space books.  Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to also include a list of books I created in Titlewave too.

I included the Solar Eclipse Titlewave List in the Solar Eclipse Collection, that you can see above, and...
you can also find it here at the Solar Eclipse Titlewave List, Shannon Miller's Picks. 

Visit this link and log in with your Titlewave credentials.
You will find the Titlewave list I created.  It is filled with books, eBooks, two amazing Lightbox books and a few other multimedia resources.

I hope you find this helpful as you are planning your solar eclipse activities too.

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