Sunday, August 20, 2017

Make Your Library Loud With These 6 New Lesson and Project Ideas!

It is always exciting to find new ideas to bring to the library and classroom.  It makes all of the important skills we teach throughout the year more meaningful and fun.  Not to mention, it sure does help us as we plan too.  

As you set off for another school year, I have a very special place for you to go to find lots of new wonderful lesson and project ideas.  
On the Cantata Learning website you will find Lesson and Project Ideas under the Resources tab at the top.  

All of the Cantata Learning books are paired with music, making these perfect for supporting learning in so many different ways.    
With the variety of subjects and content, the books and songs can be used to teach library and core skills, in cross-curriculum units and collaborative projects, and in a variety of creative and exciting lessons within the classroom and library.
With the new Fall 2017 books and songs, you will find six new sets of Lessons and Projects too.

These include Winter Math, Water All Around Us, Sing and Draw, Library Skills, Holidays in Rhythm and Rhyme and Fire Safety.  

I just love the Library Skills Lesson Plan that goes along with my four new books I wrote with Cantata Learning and Emily Arrow who wrote and sang the songs.
You will find the Library Skills Lesson Plan here.   Once you get to the site, you can download the full color lesson plan or black and white lesson plan.
Within each lesson, the materials, objectives, key vocabulary and free song are included along with a detailed lesson plan outlining the procedures and activities.
I just love the extensions included with each lesson plan.  In the Library Skills lesson plan, there are art and technology extensions bringing in art, writing, PebbleGo Science, Buncee and ABCya Animate.

By bringing together all of these extensions, you can develop this project into one with rich collaboration and creativity that will hook all students.
And don't forget to play, sing and read along to the Library Skills Series as you are creating too.  All of the music for the this series can be found online here.
Along with the six lesson plans for this season, make sure you check out all of the amazing lessons included on the Cantata Learning site.  Each one offers something different to our students and of course to our teaching, classrooms and libraries too.
Have a terrific year, friends.  

Happy Teaching....I know you will find the Cantata Learning lessons something that will bring you special and meaningful support all year long.

They will definitely make your library loud too!  

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